Monday, July 16, 2018

A Filipino American DJ finds her groove in 'Flip the Record'

Marie Jamora's retro short is screening as part of the PBS Online Film Festival.

A little-known but lasting explosion of hip hop culture grew out of the Filipino American community of 1980s San Francisco. The short film Flip the Record, written and directed by Marie Jamora, takes us into the beat of an aspiring mobile DJ crew in '84. Vanessa, sick of the constraints and boring piano lessons in her conservative Filipino American household, starts teaching herself on the sly how to scratch on her older brother's turntables. Flip the Record follows Ness as she discovers her talents and place in the local music scene of the era.

After screening on the festival circuit, Flip the Record is now available to watch as part of the 2018 PBS Online Film Festival. The key to this film is in the feel of the details, from the retro fashion to the fresh dance moves, and even the hot-off-the-press homemade business cards. And of course, the music. It's a fun, vibrant look back at an influential but overlooked era in Filipino American pop culture.

Check it out:

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So you've got a problem with our anti-Trump lawn sign...

"Get the fuck off my property."

On this edition of White People Feel Entitled To Tell You Shit... In North Carolina, a man felt to compelled to get out of his pickup truck, walk on to the property of an Asian American household and express his negative feelings towards the anti-Trump sign on their lawn... before calling them the N-word, among other things.

The incident, which occurred on Sunday, seems to have been sparked by the lawn sign that reads "Fuck Donald Trump." (The other signs include "Refugees Welcome Here" and "Black Lives Matter.") Truck Guy claims to take issue with the vulgar language, not the political sentiment -- "I voted for Bernie Sanders," he declares -- but then proceeds direct several varations of "fuck" at the house's residents.

Then, abandoning the flimsy pretense that this was actually about civility or decency, the guy runs off towards his truck, turning around to call them the N-word while making a vulgar gesture towards his own crotch. The guy eventually drives off, but not before declaring, among other things, that he "built this country" and warning that refugees will "steal everything you own" (according to Google, he cites).

Most of the altercation was recorded on video and shared to social media:

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Sandra Oh on Her Emmy Nomination for Killing Eve: 'It’s Not Just Me at This Moment’
An interview with Sandra Oh, who is the first woman of Asian descent to be nominated for a leading actress Emmy for her excellent work as Eve Polastri on the BBC America spy thriller Killing Eve.

* * *

Sandra Oh's Emmy nomination represents a new wave in Hollywood
"It feels like we are experiencing a significant ripple in Hollywood, suggesting that a deeper and more persistent change is about to occur. And it's something Asian actors and creators have been waiting for, for decades."

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#PrettyPlaneGirl and White Exploitation of Women of Color
UGH. If you’ve been following the #PrettyPlaneGirl and #PlaneBae story, you’ve watched exactly how toxic social media can be for Asian women specifically, and how white people profit off of people of color in general.

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Dr. Eugene Gu Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Responds In The Worst Possible Way
In a bizarre and disappointing story, a medical student accuses famous #Resistance figure Dr. Eugene Gu of sexual assault and harassment.

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I Know What Incarceration Does to Families. It Happened to Mine.
"History is repeating itself. This time without even the pretext of war, and with added heartbreaking cruelty."

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From Bangladesh to the United States: An Advocate's Story
"My immigration story has shaped my work -- and my whole life -- in profound ways."

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Watch What Happened When These Two Men Swapped Grindr Profiles
"What The Flip?" examines how racial stereotypes play out in the queer dating scene. In the debut episode, a gay Asian man and a gay white man swap profiles to see how their interactions with prospective suitors differ.

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'Hold These Truths' Remembers One Man's Refusal to Cede His Civil Rights During WWII
Joel de la Fuente stars as Japanese American civil rights icon Gordon Hirabayashi in TheatreWorks Silicon Valley's 2018/2019 season opener, the Bay Area premiere of Jeanne Sakata's Hold These Truths.

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Incantations: The SCOTUS Decision in Trump v. Hawaii
"We live in a legal regime akin to a witch-demon-evil spirit system, currently being used to weave a fascism that is quickly moving from proto to actual. In the face of this, I put out a call for contributions of magic spells in response to SCOTUS’ Trump v. Hawaii decision and the incarceration of children and families in ICE concentration camps."

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Meals You Can Eat on the New York City Subway
Turns out, you can eat all kinds of food on the subway. A comic by Connie Sun.

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Severed Ties: An Interview with Dickson Lam
Dickson Lam talks about cultural memory, cross-generational trauma, and familial separation in his new memoir Paper Sons.

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Crazy Rich Asians Star Henry Golding Says It's Fair to Question His Casting
Henry Golding might be relatively unknown right now, but for the star of this summer's hotly anticipated Crazy Rich Asians -- the 31-year-old's first ever acting gig -- that's all about to change.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Angry Reader of the Week: Nina Yang Bongiovi

"My heart is in Oakland, my serenity is in Hawaii, and my bloodlines are in Taipei and in Shanghai."

All right. You know what's up, everybody. It's time to meet the Angry Reader of the Week, spotlighting you, the very special readers of this website. Over the years, I've been able to connect with a lot of cool folks, and this is a way of showing some appreciation and attention to the people who help make this blog what it is. This week's Angry Reader is Nina Yang Bongiovi.

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Darren Criss makes history with Emmy nomination

'American Crime Story' star is the first Filipino American to receive a lead actor Emmy nomination.

Well, hey. Alongside Sandra Oh's historic lead actress Emmy nomination, Darren Criss scored himself a nod for best lead actor in a limited series or TV movie for American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace., making him only the second actor of Asian descent to be nominated in the category, and the first ever Filipino American to receive a lead actor Emmy nomination. Heck, is he first Filipino American actor to receive an Emmy nomination, ever? Somebody please confirm.

Criss received wide acclaim for his haunting star turn as real-life killer Andrew Cunanan (who was Filipino American, like Criss). Season two of the FX true crime anthology series chronicled Cunanan's notorious 1997 murder spree, in which he killed four men before shooting famed fashion designer Gianni Versace in Miami.

Overall, the series garnered a total of 18 nominations, including nods for co-stars Edgar Ramirez, Finn Witrock and Ricky Martin(!). Criss is considered a front-runner in the limited series lead actor category, which includes Antonio Banderas (Genius), Benedict Cumberbatch (Patrick Melrose), Jeff Daniels (The Looming Tower), Jesse Plemons (USS Callister) and John Legend (Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert).

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Just give Sandra Oh all the Emmy awards

'Killing Eve' star is the first Asian actress ever nominated for lead in a drama series.

Well, would you look at that. The 2018 Emmy Awards nominations were announced this morning. Among the surprises and snubs, something historic: Sandra Oh's lead actress nomination for Killing Eve. The nod makes Oh the first actress of Asian descent to be nominated for an Emmy for lead actress in a drama series.

Sandra Oh Is the First Asian Actress Nominated for Lead in a Drama Series

Oh stars in the critically acclaimed BBC America spy thriller as Even Polastri, a MI5 officer who is pusuing a wily assassin played by Jodie Comer. While their fierce cat-and-mouse chase plays out across Europe, both women slowly become obsessed with one another. It's a brilliant show, and Oh is pitch perfect in the kind of lead role she should have been playing years ago. She deserves the nomination. Hell, she should win.

The 46-year-old Korean Canadian happened to be with fellow Asian American actor Michelle Krusiec when she got the news of her Emmy nomination. They had been discussing Hansol Jung's play Wild Goose Dreams when Oh finally glanced at her phone and realized it had been blowing up on silent.

"I really love the fact that when all those calls were going off, my phone was on silent," Oh tells Vulture, "[because] Michelle and I were talking about this play about a North Korean refugee."

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Rally for Rose Tico at San Diego Comic-Con

By Keith Chow. Cross-Posted from The Nerds of Color

It goes without saying that we are huge fans of Rose Tico and Kelly Marie Tran here at The Nerds of Color. Unfortunately, there’s a significant portion of Star Wars fandom that doesn't agree. Even worse, they’ve taken their disdain for a fictional character and used it to harass the actress so much that she had to delete her Instagram.

Online harassment in the Star Wars community -- and fandom, writ large -- is nothing new. Recently, Phantom Menace actor Ahmed Best revealed he contemplated suicide as a result of the fan backlash to his portrayal of Jar Jar Binks. Just the other day, a cadre of angry fanboys cried foul and singled out personality Andi Gutierrez over a mug she owns. But as Rose Tico famously said at the end of The Last Jedi:

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