Monday, July 31, 2017

How to Ruin a Bon Jovi Concert

"You don't belong in this country."

One of the hard truths about being Asian in America is regularly being made to feel like we don't belong in our own country. In Ohio, a Columbus woman went to a Bon Jovi concert to celebrate her birthday. Toward the end of the show, another concertgoer turned to her and said, "You don't belong in this country."

Karina Brown, an administrator at Columbus State Community College, attended the Bon Jovi show at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus on March 18. It was supposed to be a fun way to celebrate her 45th birthday. Instead, probably somewhere around "Livin' on a Prayer," she gets a reality check from a racist Bon Jovi fan.

But perhaps more alarming than the remark itself, was how several people she told about the incident tried to justify it, or told her she was exaggerating its impact. After one too many people tried to convince her what happened was "okay," she decided to report her story to Documenting Hate, an online database that aims to track and spread awareness of discrimination across the country.

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